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day by day with Robb & Jody

with Robb Judkins

Jody White-Judkins

Casual conversations about how to apply

God's Word, day by day.  


For more about Robb and Judy and their outreach, check out their website.


tune in on


5:00pm to 6:00pm

about Robb and Jody

Why do you have a show, what made you start it? 

Jody and I had talked about doing an internet tv show for a few years but it never happened.  Then an opportunity to be on Hope Radio came and I felt a call of the Lord to provide this show.


How long have you been in Ministry?

In ministry since 2001, then licensed and ordained minister in 2011 and founded Robb Judkins Ministries in same year where I serve as Vice President.  Currently President and Senior Pastor of Campers for Christ International Ministries.   


What’s the purpose of your message?

To help people find hope in Jesus Christ Day by Day.


What is your favorite part about your radio show?

The whole thing.  Jody and I try to put on a very casual learning experience that both new believers and experienced individuals can gain something from. 


What are goals that you set for yourself each year in terms of ministry? 

That Jody and I will always grow in the Word and that the Lord would enable us to carry out his Great Commission. 


What impact do you hope to have on your listeners? 

Hope to help believers understand that living the Gospel is a daily activity. 


How do you feel about being a radio talk show host?

I feel truly blessed to be used by God in this manner.  Doing my part to share the Gospel with all the World.  

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