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a faith-based and focused radio programming designed to give you HOPE in a world not so great at giving it. 


with Robb Judkins

& Jody White-Judkins

Mondays 5:00pm-6:00pm

Day by Day

with Robb & Jody

Casual conversations about how to

apply God's Word, day by day.


join us and

get excited

about the

word of GOD

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Shawn Kelly, Founder of Hope Recovery Center in Corona, California, decided to start a radio station to help others find hope, hope in Jesus Christ. Through much prayer and support, the "Hours of Hope" radio show was born. After over 40 episodes on KCWG internet radio, winning many awards, Shawn believed God was directing him to do much more than his own show.

This is the beginning of that direction.

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